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Adult Skills Courses

Our Adult Skills Courses

  • 19+ years of age?
  • Currently living in Bradford, Halifax or Wakefield?
  • Looking to build a skill that can help you support people within your family and local community?

If so – our Adult Skills Courses may be just the thing you’re looking for!

We deliver a wide variety of Level 2 short courses designed to raise awareness and confidence in each subject area. Depending on circumstance, these can be fully funded through our Adult Education Budget. These are fantastic qualifications that could help to provide you with crucial skills that can help you support a wide variety of people and business. These courses are available to anyone who meets the above criteria - enquire below & feel free to share with staff, volunteers, friends and family!

Available Courses


We are delivering the following qualifications to anyone aged 19+ as distance learning. They are all Level 2 short courses designed to raise awareness and confidence in each subject area, and fully funded through our Adult Education Budget. These are fantastic qualifications that could help to support colleagues, children, friends, family and people within your community during this extremely emotional and challenging time. Courses are available to anyone - staff, volunteers, friends & family If you are intrested in any of the following courses, please contact


Autism Awareness

Understanding Specific Learning Difficulties

Understanding Health & Nutrition

Equality & Diversity

Infection Control

Infection Control

Hair & barbering

Hair & Barbering

Functional skills

Function Skills – Maths and English

Safeguarding & Prevent

Mental Health First Aid

LGBT Inclusion

Info advice

Information, Advice & Guidance

Understanding care and management

Understanding Care & Management of Diabetes

Health & Social Care

ESOL – English to Speakers of Other Languages

ESOL – English to Speakers of Other Languages

Self Harm & Suicide Prevention Awareness

Understanding Childhood

Understanding Children And Young People’s Mental Health

Behaviour That Challenges

Fitness Instructing

Cancer support

Cancer Support

Understandng safe handling of medication

Understanding Safe Handling of Medication

Digital Inclusion

Digital Inclusion

Returning to work
Improve your skills

Perhaps you have been away from the world of work for a little while, and are looking for a route back into a career? Perhaps you have been made redundant and haven’t needed to look for a job for a long time, or have been raising a family and would like to work part time while your children are at school? Woodspeen Training have many options that can help kick start your career, and start you on your path to finding your next opportunity. We have a wealth of experience in supporting people who are returning to work to achieve their goals through skills development programmes and training. The jobs market has changed significantly over the years, and we can help you to stand out amongst the crowd by - ​

  • Helping you to overcome your skills barriers
  • Developing confidence and understanding of the changing jobs market
  • Creating a CV that makes you stand out from the crowd
  • Preparing you for interviews

When you come to see us, we will assess your current level of IT skills and your working levels of English and Maths.

From speaking and working with hundreds of employers in your local area, we know that these three subject areas are the first qualifications that are checked when jobseekers attend an interview. ​ English, Maths and IT skills are the building blocks for employment in the modern work place. Woodspeen Training will assess you in all three of these subjects and create an individual learning program to give you the skills you need. All of the English, Maths and IT qualifications we offer are accredited and nationally recognised by employers and colleges. In addition the units you are awarded can be combined with further qualifications under the Qualification Credit Framework.

Woodspeen Training also invests time in training you on techniques to ensure that you have the best possible opportunities of finding the right job vacancy and then winning that all important job interview.

Our employability programmes offer a range of vital skills for job seekers that will give you the advantage over the competition. We teach a specialist job searching techniques to ensure that your time spent looking for a job is effective, workshops to ensure your CV and letter writing skills make you stand out from the crowd and interview techniques that ensure you know what questions to expect and how to impress the employer with your answers on the big day. ​ All of our employability programmes are recognised qualifications with structured learning. The credit values you will be awarded on completion of this programme can be used and mapped to many other qualifications such as apprenticeships under the Qualifications Credit Framework.

For some job seekers it is important to look at the deeper issues that are preventing you from finding work.

At Woodspeen Training we understand that without addressing and overcoming these barriers it may be challenging for you to find long term employment. To help you overcome these issues, Woodspeen Training offers a range of short personal and social development programs. Which help you manage the day to day challenges of long-term unemployment. So that you can remain positive and focus all your energies on finding the right job for you.


If you are interested in any of the following courses click here and one of our friendly team members will be in touch.

BCS Level 1 Award in IT User Skills

ECDL Essentials (ITQ) (QCF)

Employability Skills

Level 1 Certificate

BCS Level 2 Certificate in IT User Skills


Short Courses

1 Week IT, 1 Week Customer Service.

Functional Skills Maths

Entry Level 3, Level 1, Level 2

Short Courses

2 Week Employability AEB
2 Week Digital Inclusion

Functional Skills English

Level 1, Level 2


ESOL Learning Available at Woodspeen Training