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Equality and Diversity (Level 2)

Level 2

Equality and Diversity

About this course

This qualification covers enhanced early-stage learning and concepts relating to equality and diversity, particularly relating to society, the workplace, and the community. This will enable you to develop a level of knowledge beyond the standard employer-sponsored training experience, which could allow you access to further learning routes or career progression.

The objective of this qualification is to allow you to:

  • Raise your own awareness of the issues surrounding equality and diversity
  • Apply this awareness through your actions in society, community and the workplace.


What you will learn

In order to achieve this qualification you must successfully complete 3 mandatory units:

  • Equality and diversity in society
  • Equality and diversity in the community
  • Equality and diversity in the workplace

Course requirements

There are no specific recommended prior learning requirements for this qualification. However, you may find it helpful if you have already achieved a Level 1 qualification.

  • This qualification is suitable for  anyone aged 19 and above.



NCFE CACHE Level 2 Certificate in Equality and Diversity


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Assessment Methods

All units will be individually assessed using a range of methods which could include written assignments or tasks.

Sector Suitabilty

It may also be useful to anyone studying qualifications in the following sectors:

  • Business, Administration and Law
  • Information and Communication Technology
  • Childcare
  • Education
  • Adult Care
  • Team Leading and Management

This Course At a Glance

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