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About Us

With over 30 years’ experience, Woodspeen Training is a well established provider of Level 2 – Level 5 apprenticeship and skills programmes.

We have a highly skilled and experienced team of advisors and tutors who support employers and apprentices throughout their journey.

Whether you are school leaver looking to start your career or an employer looking to develop your workforce, we will have the training and development solution that meets your aspirations and requirements.

Achieving Success

The most successful outcomes from any relationship come through a sharing of objectives and a mutual understanding and respect for each partner's responsibilities toward achieving that success.

Experienced Staff

We are proud to say that our staff at Woodspeen Training have a long and established track record of delivering successful outcomes, and we look forward to supporting you as your preferred training partner.

Passionate & Professional Approach

A personal, passionate and professional approach is our ethos at Woodspeen Training. We will clearly set out our responsibilities to you, whilst agreeing with you your own responsibilities towards achieving a successful outcome. We recognise that we succeed only when you succeed.

Areas of Expertise

Our Apprenticeships

We offer professional training in a wide range of sectors, including:

Policy Highlights

Social Values

Woodspeen Training live by the following social values:

Real social value

Ensuring that our default position is that all contracts demonstrate the addition of real social value.

Active citizenship

Promoting active citizenship to our learners and staff.

Meet local communities needs

Involving local employers and organisations in considering how we meet the needs of local communities.

Promoting local employment

Promoting local employment by targeting our offer to disadvantaged groups, geographical areas and key sectors.

Equality and fairness

Promoting equity and fairness by targeting effort towards those in the greatest need or facing the greatest disadvantage.

Environmental sustainability

Promoting environmental sustainability by reducing wastage and climate impacts, limiting energy consumption, and procuring materials from renewable and sustainable sources.

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