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How can Woodspeen help

How can Woodspeen Training help?

At Woodspeen Training, we tailor our service to your individual requirements.

We provide the following service to you as an employer:

  • Impartial training advice for your business
  • Cost and time effective training programs built around your business cycle
  • A professional, personal approach in all our dealings with you


Our employer and learner engagement teams work with over three hundred employers to provide front-line support to them in the recruitment, training and development of their staff.

For employers who require new trainee staff, we offer support with advertising, short-listing, recruitment and training. We have a long-established knowledge of labour market supply and have links with most of the schools in the areas in which we operate. We are therefore able to support you in recruiting young and adult learners training and will also provide you with the training and support for your learners during the apprenticeship program.

We design our programes with you to reflect your operating and business cycle to ensure minimal disruption.​


Your apprentice(s), once recruited, will be assessed in the work place over the duration the apprenticeship. We will agree with you and your employees the timing and frequency of assessment and we will provide technical and other core skills training (for example in Maths and English) typically 'off site' at our premises at dates convenient to you.

Qualified Trainers

All of our training is delivered by appropriately qualified professionals most of whom have come from the same operating environments in which you operate and therefore are able to align the demands of an apprenticeship with your expectations as employers.

Apprenticeships involve a commitment of time, effort and in many cases money to complete. However the government makes available funding to fully or partially support the costs of apprenticeship training. Woodspeen is able to advise on whether and to what extent government funding is available at any time but we will always work with you to determine the most appropriate programs of training for each apprentice that you employ.​

Whilst not appropriate for all roles, our experience is that apprenticeships provide an excellent route to bringing new talent into your organisation and in particular where employees are at or near the start of their career journey this route often provides a stronger foundation for building future talent that can in future take forward the organisation. Employers often cite that apprentices often provides a better value for money proposition although please note that the level of support required from you as employer will be greater at the earlier stages to help the apprentice succeed with real benefits coming later.

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