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Are you creating accidental managers in your pharmacy?

Develop your pharmacy workforce 

Over 82% of managers across all sectors are created ‘accidentally’, given extra responsibilities and tasks but without the skills to successfully deliver them thereby creating workplaces with little direction and can result in staff feeling demotivated and not valued. The pharmacy sector is no different. 

Your workforce is your greatest asset, working as an inclusive team, delivering person centred care, promoting health and wellbeing amongst our communities, but what generates this is a strategic vision, aligned with the NHS Plan requiring innovative ways of developing a workforce to support this……here at Woodspeen Pharmacy Apprenticeships we have immediate solutions available.

We spoke to Jeannette Adrian, Woodspeen Training’s Pharmacy operations director, to hear why she thinks pharmacies should be utilising apprenticeships to help their accidental managers gain the Knowledge, Skills, and Behaviours to succeed.

Management of teams

1. Team leader
Your team leader is the first point of contact within the pharmacy, supporting staff with day-to-day concerns, enabling staff training and rota supervision. They will need to understand team dynamics and ways to motivate teams to thrive in a challenging business. 

2. Operations manager
Plays a key role in supporting Pharmacy owners in growing the business by developing a well-trained workforce. Using performance management tools to support staff reach their potential, recruiting the right people for the pharmacy, and developing them to succeed. They are an integral part of the future of your business.

3. Project management 
Putting a new process in place, is Automation your next strategic step? Your operations manager will need project management skills to ensure that the project comes in on time and within budget. Our apprenticeship courses will equip your manager with skills to identify potential risks and issues, and how to negate them to enable successful project delivery. 

4. Strategic analysis 
Our operations manager apprenticeship will give your staff member the skills to have a strategic oversight of the overall business. This will enable them to support growth plans and suggest new revenue streams for the business. 

5. Finance 
All businesses have financial structures in place, a pharmacy is no different, but a team leader will need to know how to deliver value for money within those structures. The team leader apprenticeship will give apprentices the skills to understand budgets, how to ensure they’re efficient, and make sure costs do not overrun.

Woodspeen Pharmacy Apprenticeship’s tailored team leader and operations manager apprenticeship courses are the perfect way to give your accidental managers the skills and confidence to deliver for your business. 

We’re enrolling for immediate starts. Contact the team now

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