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Meet the Team - Michaella Moreton, Recruitment and Onboarding Manager

Meet the Team 

This series features key people from Woodspeen Training that support our employers access the right apprentices for their business, and help our apprentices achieve their potential. 

This edition features Michaella Moreton, our Recruitment and Onboarding Manager. 

Lady wearing glasses with short hair and colourful dress. Her name is Michaella Moreton


Name: Michaella Moreton 

Job title: Recruitment and Onboarding Manager

Can you describe your role? 

As a recruitment and onboarding manager it is my duty to support the recruiters in offering a quality recruitment service both to applicants and employers. I coach my colleagues on what type of candidates we look for, how we can match them to a suitable apprenticeship, and make sure we are signposting appropriately. Its important they have a good understanding of each apprenticeship that we offer to enable them to give a high level of information and guidance when speaking with applicants. 

How does your team support Woodspeen Training employers recruit learners?

Starting when we speak to prospective candidates, the team will run through the apprenticeship programme that the applicant has contacted us about to make sure it’s the right fit for them. Once we’re sure it’s right for them, we complete a thorough screening form, make sure their CV is up to date, and send the information over to our employers for them to decide if they’d like to interview the applicant. If the employer has decided to interview, we’ll liaise with them to sort a mutually suitable time and work with the applicant on interview preparation to ensure they make the most of their opportunity. If our applicant is successful in securing an apprenticeship offer, the team will book them in with the onboarding team to complete the final elements for them to start their apprenticeship journey.

Why is onboarding learners so important? 

Onboarding enables apprentices to understand their roles and responsibilities, which accelerates their learning. An effective onboarding also ensures that new apprentices are familiar with the company's culture and values, which leads to better employee engagement. They will know what is expected of them, how the apprenticeship will work and what the next steps are in the process. As part of onboarding compliance checks are done making sure funding is available for the apprentice learner to undertake their apprenticeship.


For more information on the courses Woodspeen Training offers contact the team now. 

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